Hello there!

Welcome to my blog – I’m happy that you’re here. This is me:

My name is Ryan Gibson. I was born in Dallas, Texas and was raised in the Houston (Texan and proud). I grew up playing video games, having crazy, imaginary adventures with friends, and going to church.


Here is a (abridged) story about something which greatly influenced my walk with Christ: One day, my parents told me that my family was going to go to a family camp. For an entire week. This was the summer after my fifth grade year, and my 11 year old self thought my parents went crazy. I remember how much dreaded going to camp, and as we drove to this camp I remember being angry, in a way. We got to camp, the week went by – and all I can say is that week would end up becoming my favorite week of the summer. My family would go to Pine Cove for another four summers, and I would go to Pine Cove’s overnight youth camps as well. Camp had a huge impact on my life and on my faith. I’ll go into more detail about this, another time.

Currently, I am a student at Samford University, which is in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m studying Computer Science with a minor in English. My hope for this blog is to engage in community with those who desire a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you again for visiting my blog!